Your Multiple-Year Tax Return Analysis Just Became Easy

Bukers Taxanalysis allows you to analyze up to four years of historical tax returns and one year of recurring/projected cash flow simultaneously.

Comprehensive input screens allow you to capture anything that can show up on a return.  For each year's return, several types of cash flow activities are broken out separately allowing you to see all five year's information on one master recap screen on an activity by activity basis.  These activities include sole proprietorships, partnerships, S Corporations, estates, trusts, rentals, Schedule Cs and Fs.

You can quickly see which activities' cash flow is increasing or decreasing over time, and which activities are the real cash engines.  There are no limits to the number of these activities you can analyze for each year.

With Bukers Taxanalysis you can separately itemize all of your borrowers' existing and projected debt.  Track up to nine types of existing annual debt and input unlimited additional items of existing debt.  Projected debt can either be separately entered as an override based on your calculation of the loan payment or the software will calculate it for you.

Once all data has been entered from the tax return, Bukers Taxanalysis displays the following types of cash flows:

  • Gross, before taxes
  • After taxes, before any debt
  • After existing debt only
  • After existing and projected debt
  • Before and/or after living expenses
  • Surplus (deficit) after all debt and living expenses